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PHONE: +1 617-482-3310

Our Team

PATRICK JEROME, Executive Director

BILL JACKSON, Theatre Manager

MARIE BLAISE, Volunteer Coordinator


LYNN CHEN Website Manager

GAWAINE ROSS, Outreach Cordinator

JOHN MCGUINNESS, Publicity and Promotion Manager

SCOTT NEUFVILLE, Outreach Marketing

SERGIO LEON, Red Carpet and Media Exhibition Manager

EILEEN KENNER, Awards Manager

OLGA NAZARENKO Social Media Marketing and Promotion Coordinator

ERIC VOLLWEILER Marketing Consultant

LISA DEFELICE Marketing Consultant

HATTIE BARRETT Promotion Consultant

SHEETAL KELKAR Marketing And Promotion Assistant

DANIEL KONTOFF Marketing And Promotion Assistant

ARISSA PAGE Marketing And Promotion Assistant

MICHELLE BLACK General Coordinator

SCREENING COMMITTEE: Mike Vaglica, Michelle Varone,  Sheetal Kelkar, Yeimy Brady, Duane Denny, Ydalia Colon, Jay Uhler, Cristol Gregory, Navid John Namazi, Aelen Unan, Aliki Karagiannis, Cliff Anderson, Andreza Moon Perfil, Tannie Tang,  Jack Higdon, Cyndy Patrick, Maura Tomaszewski, Daniela Bascunan, Diana Jaye Coluntino and Frantz Jean Baptist.


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