Screenplay Contest

BIFF Screenplay to Production Contest (BIFF SPC) offers an opportunity for under-represented screenwriters and filmmakers to produce a film entirely from Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production to a completed finished project on 4K Definition Format.

BIFF SPC seeks feature-length narrative, short narrative and documentary film screenplays currently seeking funding for production and with a U.S.-based screenwriter (s). Screenplays that do not have any director or producer attached are welcome. However, if screenwriter is a director or Producer it is also eligible to participate as co-director or co-Producer. BIFF SPC staff will later on determine if the screenwriter can be the sole director for the project. BIFF SPC staff will assign a Producer for all accepted project to ensure smooth production achievement within the available budget and timing. Selected Projects may be produced anywhere in the United States.

The foremost constituent of the BIFF SPC is a series of productions projects to get into pre-production and production between Summer and Fall of 2018 and edited by the end of winter season in 2018. Budget range for each project will be under $500.000.00. However, applicants who can secure a percentage of the budget are welcome to apply. Therefore, if their projects are selected the budget may go over the estimated set up range.

  • Completed and signed BIFF_SPC_Entry_Form
  • Signed BIFF_SPC_Agreement
  • Completed screenplay
  • Synopsis (approx. 700 words)
  • Screenwriter’s statement (approx. 200 words)
  • Bio (headshot; optional) of screenwriter
  • Entry Fee
    $75.00 Feature-length narrative and documentary screenplay. 45 to 160 pages
    $55.00 Short narrative and documentary screenplay. up to 45 pages

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