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REACH TO WORLD OF AUDIENCE & MEDIA Boston International Film Festival is well-known in the area as a premier global event that reaches to a large and diverse consumer base. Each year, major media, including web, TV, newspaper and radio have given full coverage of the events and celebrated together with all the participants. We…
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SHOW YOUR PASSION & TALENTS Volunteers are indispensable parts of the festival. Not only do our dedicated volunteers assist the daily operations and make the events possible, but they also contribute to the global diversity of BIFF. ¬†With various backgrounds, all share the passion for filmmaking and the commitment to making BIFF the international highlight…
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WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT BRING OUT THE MAGIC OF FILMMAKING, GROW YOUR HOPE IN BEANTOWN Boston International Film Festival is an art organization whose goal is to encourage and support the work of independent filmmakers around the world. By exposing their artwork to the diverse audience in the New England area, the festival also contributes…
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